SIETA (Sustainable Initiatives for child Education and Teaching in southern Africa) is a non-profit organization (registration nr. 8509 02 198) established in 2011 in honor of Mrs. Sieta Klijnstra-de Vries and her wish to help vulnerable children in southern Africa overcome poverty by fulfilling their dream to go to school and give them hope for a brighter future.

The fight against poverty begins with education for all

We share the belief that communities can overcome poverty and prosper in the long-term if they invest in education & skill programs for all children in their community.

Our goal is to help the vulnerable go to school so that they too can become self-supporting adults, free to choose their own destination and in future, provide for themselves and their families. SIETA wants to help through targeted funding programs, with advice and expertise in projects and by supporting other local non-profit organizations who share our goals.

We focus on small-scale schooling & skill programs, child care centres and medical care projects but we also help small family enterprises become self-sufficient so that their children don’t have to work and are free to go to school. Our main target groups are orphans, homeless children and children from underprivileged homes who cannot afford school fees.